Keep faith, connections during summer break

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This summer’s going to be so different.

Most importantly, I want to maintain my relationship with God. I don’t want my summer job to stunt my growth and dependence in him.

Seeking fulfillment and trust in him will be my main mission during 48-hour work weeks.

I want to soon sing this chorus wholeheartedly from within my soul, like Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp have already done: “All of You is more than enough for all of me. For every thirst and every need. You satisfy me with Your love and all I have in You is more than enough.”

Those are lyrics to the song “Enough.”

I listened to it several times in the past month, but the words finally clicked while I was studying Tuesday.

The entire song addresses my need to seek God for what I’ve been overzealously seeking in people (love, acceptance, approval, attention, comfort, etc …).

I fear dying lonely — to never “fit in” or never find a lover. But, the truth is people will fail me.

Every time I hear “Enough,” I always think about that and the truth that God will never fail me:

A mother may forget her nursing child, but God will never desert his people. He will always comfort them (Isaiah 49:13-16).

“Let Your Mercy Reign” also reminds me of this truth, as Chris Tomlin sings:

“You’re the faithful one when the world’s falling apart … ”

Isn’t it beautiful how God can reveal to us stuff out of the ordinary?

I plan to buy new albums Brian Culbertson and Michelle Branch are releasing this summer.

But, I also want music that reminds me of what and why I believe, such as the two songs above. Give me some Hillsong and Matt Redman!

However, when it all comes down to it, I want to stay in the word and prayer. That’s my bread and butter.

Along with that, I plan to keep in touch with the Fusion community I’ve built through my church.

I’ve grown so much because of God and those new friends in Christ present in my life.

Some helped me by showing me I really wasn’t in the best spiritual shape as I thought.

I listened to their concerns, and I strive to change with God’s help.

I really love my male friends in Christ.

I can share personal stuff with them and they listen without judging.

But, I also love how they’re honest enough to point out my wrongs and deficiencies, and they’ve offered encouragement.

At first, I felt insecure sharing my thoughts with guys.

Guys in high school didn’t care. I got laughed at, ignored, bullied, etc.

I even felt out of place my freshman year here.

So, I figured, “Ah, no guy’s gonna understand me.” (Sigh)

Then, all it took were a few breakfasts and lunches, and I’ve started to build some trust in my brothers.

I don’t want those bonds to die this summer. I plan to call each one of these guys once to talk about life and return the support they’ve given me.

Being halfway through college is looming over me as well.

But, as I said this past week, I have grander expectations for my junior year.

I would love to learn to play the piano like many of my favorite musicians. Would anyone be willing to teach me?

I’m also stoked about living with my five suitemates and other great people in a starship.

Does anyone else see Founders like that when you walk through its hallways?

One of my friends is so enthusiastic about cooking breakfast next year. “I want to fix bacon, eggs …!” he said.

Another friend said he wants to make (if I remember correctly) cream pies.

So, I plan to buy some pots and pans so we can utilize the kitchenette.

I also need a new fridge. It will be nice not having milk turn into warm, spoiled yogurt in three days!

Anyway, I hope your summer will be promising in however you spend it.

And, I encourage you, as many Spanish-speakers say, “Vaya con Dios.”

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