Campus Brief: Faculty Senate approves new degree, Honors Program

A new degree and a new Honors Program could possibly be added to the University this fall.

Faculty Senate voted Tuesday to approve a minor in Chinese for main campus and an Honors Program for Firelands campus.

If the Board of Trustees approves the motion at its meeting this Friday, incoming students will then be able to earn a Chinese minor in the fall.

“BG is advancing in international language study,” said Tim Pogacar, chair of the Department of German, Russian and East Asian Languages. “We’re hoping this minor will encourage more people to take this language.”

Requirements to earn the minor will resemble minors in Italian, German and Latin, he said.

The curriculum at Firelands campus could also change if the Board of Trustees approves its potential Honors Program.

“I have been collaborating with other honors programs in working to extend the program to Firelands,” said Chris Fluckinger, a Firelands psychology instructor. “Most regional colleges have an honors presence, Firelands has had a sporadic presence.”

The program would be extended to Firelands students who are working toward associate degrees, he said.