Letter to the Editor: Doing the minimum is not new phenomenon

I was told by a teacher that our generation “seems not to care.”

Really? We don’t care? That’s funny.

As a teacher, I’d assume there’s nothing one would hate more than students doing the bare minimum required for coursework.

Enter Generation Y: considered by college professors to be the laziest generation ever (oh, wait that was every generation since universities were invented, sorry).

Anyway, I don’t think it’s fair to call a whole generation lazy.

Because the economy is in shambles (which is in no way our fault, considering that the upper echelon of Generation Y is just entering the workforce) most of us work a job and go to school, sometimes more than that.

If there’s a problem with doing the bare minimum, raise the bare minimum.

Don’t complain if students decide not to come to class, fail them instead if it’s so bothersome.

Even though we are young, most of us aren’t looking for pity.

This really isn’t constructive at all. Skipping class is not a new phenomenon, nor is doing the bare minimum to get your degree.

To paraphrase Fyodor Dostoevsky “’Cs get degrees’ is not without its attractions.”

That said, if you’re going to lecture a class about being lazy and skipping class, you might want to have the clairvoyance not to do it the Friday before exam week starts.

— Ian Zulick

[email protected]