Summer classes offer students opportunity to catch up, get ahead

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Not all students have the typical three-month summer break to look forward to.

Some students will start summer classes May 14, leaving students who are taking summer classes with only a week between the end of finals and the beginning of the summer semester to get their summer must-dos accomplished.

Sophomore Jodie Wellman said fitting a summer into only one week would be difficult.

“I would spend it with all of my friends going to amusement parks and other fun locations,” Wellman said.

Junior Krissi Bell said to make her summer complete she likes to go to music festivals and concerts, travel, go to the pool or quarry and just hang out with friends.

Bell, however, will take eight credit hours in online classes this summer.

“I think having summer classes is a good option for students who need to catch up,” Bell said. “That’s why I’m taking classes this summer; I need to catch up so that I can still graduate on time.”

Some students take online classes so they don’t have to stay on campus to complete the course, but having the resources necessary for online classes presents problems of its own. Bell started taking online summer classes this past year, but she said it ended up not working out.

“I had to go to my brother’s wedding and I went on vacation,” Bell said. “It was hard because I didn’t always have Internet access.”

This summer Bell said she has it fixed in her mind that she’s just not going to be able to have a typical summer break.

“Last summer I did all my summer stuff anyway and that’s why it didn’t work out, but this year I’m going to be working during the summer too,” Bell said. “I’ve just accepted that I need to do this and I’m going to have to get it done.”

Junior Rachael Murphy decided not to take summer classes after considering it this year.

“I thought about taking some to clear up my schedule next year, so I’d only have four classes per semester,” Murphy said.

The fact that the University charges a summer tuition, however, stopped Murphy from enrolling in summer classes and now she is going to work on getting internship credits for a public relations requirement.

Still, Murphy said that her summer to-do list includes working to make money, traveling, reading lots of books and exercising — not things easily accomplished within a week.

Summer vacation gives students a chance to wind down from the school year and a week might not be enough when trying to crunch in all other beloved summer activities as well.

“I think we still need a break in-between classes,” Bell said. “I will be going to Alabama so I’ll have at least one vacation before classes start.”