Alumna brings singing talents to Carnival Cruise Lines

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Getting a job right out of college is a great feat, let alone finding one in paradise.

Kristen Basore, a recent University graduate, was hired by Carnival Cruise Lines as an onboard singer on its cruise ships.

Carnival offered Basore the job a day before her summer 2011 graduation commencement. Basore currently sings on Carnival Pride, one of the fleet’s largest cruise ships, she said.

Basore’s early success did not surprise Myra Merritt, a University voice professor.

“Kristen was always a go-getter,” Merritt said. “She did not wait for things to come to her.”

Basore said she always wanted to sing on a cruise ship, but did not expect it so soon. She quickly got used to her new job.

“It was a bit overwhelming at first, but now I can say it is a fantastic job that allows you to do what you love while traveling the world,” she said.

People from all over the world apply for onboard singing jobs each year, said Aly Bello-Cabreriza, Carnival Cruise Lines public relations manager.

Carnival receives approximately 1,500 applicants annually, Basore said. The cruise line hires approximately 50 people at one time, Bello-Cabreriza said.

This creates competition for job spots. Carnival looks for singers who offer more than just a talented voice.

“The person has to be able to sing, dance, be energetic and likable,” said Bello-Cabreriza.

Merritt said Basore has the qualities Carnival looks for in its singers.

“There is a beautiful, shimmering quality to Kristen’s voice and she can hit high notes very easily,” Merritt said. “It is what people pay money to see.”

Basore graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music performance. She worked as a singer for St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and taught piano and voice as an assistantship while at the University.

She was very active in the University’s opera program and was the first University student to sing the alma mater and national anthem in the Stroh Center for graduation.

Not interested in slowing down anytime soon, Basore has a lot of aspirations for her future.

“I aspire to one day perform in a musical in [New York City], join a touring show and one day settle down and become a music teacher,” she said.