The Dog Days of Summer Countdown

Pulse Editor and Pulse Editor

With sun, rain and storms in the forecast, it’s hard to plan every bit of your summer week, so the best idea is to come up with some outdoor and indoor options. Here’s a list of suggestions, whatever the weather.

82. Eat watermelon. The sweet taste of watermelon is like tasting summer and it will be a cool treat for a hot day.

81. Pick a day that you don’t have to be anywhere early and sleep past noon. It’s summer and sleeping in one day will hopefully cure some sleep deprivation you’ve endured throughout the school year.

80. Make some iced tea and enjoy it in the summer heat.

79. Enjoy the sounds of summer each day, even a rainstorm in the summer sounds better than a rainstorm in the crisp, cold air of the fall.

78. Watch the sunset. Whether you’re in Bowling Green or on the beach, watching a beautiful sunset makes for a relaxing summer evening.

77. Start watching a new TV series. Try watching a new show you never thought you’d like; you might be surprised. Or try watching an old series that you’ve always wanted to watch but never had the time.

76. Change up your look for summer with a new haircut or different hair color. Hair always grows back so if it turns out bad you have all summer to fix it before heading back to school.