Movie Review: “The Vow”


“The Vow”

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Grade: B

“The Vow” has just enough sweetness to make it the must-see Valentine’s Day movie.

Rachel McAdams (“The Notebook”) and Channing Tatum (“Dear John”) play a recently married couple who get in a car accident. It leaves McAdams’ character with memory loss, and she has no memory of marrying, or even meeting her husband.

“The Vow” focuses on her husband’s fight to win back her love.

The story is based on true events and a picture of the couple who experienced this is actually shown at the end of the movie – making it a much more compelling story.

“The Vow” creates a theme around “moments of impact” and I think it helps keep a continuous storyline throughout the many flashbacks, which explain why the two had fallen madly in love.

While the movie follows a typical chick flick pattern and will most definitely melt all the girls’ hearts, I think it will please guys as well.

First of all, McAdams is beautiful, sweet and charming as always and makes she it easy to believe that Tatum’s character would work so hard to make her remember why she loved him.

Also, the movie will make you laugh at times. I wouldn’t say that it was a laugh out loud movie, but it definitely has a few moments of good comedy.

As for the girls in the audience, Tatum shows all his best qualities. His smile, his body and of course his acting was good too.

With such a compelling story, the movie easily draws the audience in and the fact that there are likable actors playing the lead roles makes the movie even better.

My only complaints are that the ending left me wanting more and I thought that Tatum’s character could have been more developed.

The plot is heavily swayed to tell the story of McAdams’ character, but I wanted to know more about Tatum because it seemed his life started the moment he met McAdams.

“The Vow” has such charm and sweetness to it that it sets the perfect romantic mood for a Valentine’s Day movie getaway, so I would suggest taking your Valentine to see it.

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