Falcon Screeches for Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day sucks.


Administrative staff, professors and faculty, pick up your feet! Do not scuff your black shoes down the halls and please learn to flush the toilet and urinals. It stinks! Also, you should not put liquid in the trash cans. Would you put a half-empty cup of liquid in your trash at home?


To our beautiful recreation center, please turn up the heat. If I wanted to run in the cold, I would just do some sprints around campus. You’re making all these renovations when you could easily make our experience better by boosting the temperature a few degrees.


I love when professors use technology in class, but I hate the embarrassing moment when the technology does not work. To the people in Olscamp, please get your stuff together. My professor is on her last nerve with you and I fear one day she will snap on us!


Have you ever been sitting in a large lecture and you can feel the low buzzing of your classmates talking? I hate this phenomenon so much. Please, just keep your mouths shut. If you want to have a conversation, just leave the room. It’s awful when we’re all trying to pay attention and you’re busy flapping your gums.


I’m tired of every movie being shown in 3-D. Someone needs to tell Hollywood that our favorite classics don’t need to be shoved in our faces! I don’t want to wear glasses to watch a movie, nor do I want to pay the accompanying fee.


I’m pretty sure every girl to get drunk either pukes or cries by the end of the night. Or falls asleep in inconvenient locations. Show some class, ladies! I want a girl who can handle her adult beverage, not spill it all over my living room floor. Everyone should be able to puke and rally.


I’m so tired of everyone complaining about Valentine’s Day. If you’re so upset about being alone this year, change it! I feel like the only people who hate Valentine’s Day are the people without a partner. Find a person. Buy them some stuff. Stop complaining.


It’s 2 a.m. and Mother Nature desides to dump on my world. Seriously though, it doesn’t snow pretty much all winter and then Earth thinks it would be funny to ruin my night by snowing in the most inopportune time. I am no longer sober and my face is now numb because I have to walk home in a BG blizzard.