University Vogue subscription now online

Reporter and Reporter

The University’s Vogue magazine subscription has gone online.

The Jerome Library has had the print edition of Vogue available, but with the new addition students can now read the magazine online anytime.

Vogue primarily focuses on fashion, society issues and style.

Sara Bushong, dean of University Libraries, was the one who made the choice to purchase the subscription online.

“We have had the Vogue in print since 1969,” Bushong said. “But now with the electronic format, students can search the archive starting at their first magazine in 1892.”

The online archives of the magazine can benefit the University in many ways.

“More people can look at the magazine at one time,” Bushong said. “Any department from fashion to history to photography can benefit from looking at the magazines and its searchable archive.”

The University got the archive from ProQuest, who also provides other materials for the University.

“Vogue looked like a good fit for BG,” said Linda Rich, coordinator of Reference Services.

“The database has an index, which makes it easier for students to find what they are looking for,” Rich said. “The archives go cover to cover with everything in between like advertisements, articles and photos.”

Rich had a lot of hope for students and professors to use the magazine in the future.

“Business students can study a particular item and see how it has changed over the years,” Rich said. “Even the school of art can see different typesets, artworks and photography used.”

Diane Frey is an associate professor of family and consumer sciences at the University and is planning on using the archives in her class.

“We can compare different decades with each other and find similarities and differences,” Frey said. “Students can find wonderful inspiration for future projects with fashion and society.

“They can learn about models, names and different types of issues,” she said. “One big thing they can learn is about self image and how what is considered beautiful has changed.”