Letter to the Editor: Change in dining options to impact quality, price of food

Kurt Chiarelott and Kurt Chiarelott

Full disclosure – I am currently the District Manager for the Wendy’s franchise which operates the Wendy’s in the Student Union. We are a local small business.

However, I am writing this opinion as a former alumnus of BGSU. I attended BGSU from 1999-2005 as an undergraduate and graduate student. In January of 2002, I attended the Student Union grand opening with much excitement. I took part in the survey done the previous year, in which students, faculty and staff selected Wendy’s as a restaurant of their choice to be in the new student union.

What made Wendy’s a great option for campus beyond the great food was the fact that an independent business would operate on campus, giving students a choice and creating a competitive environment.

You don’t need to take an economics class to realize the effects on service when a monopoly exists. When Wendy’s closes in the Union, there will no longer be a competitive business environment.

While the University may bring in a different restaurant, it will all be operated by ONE company, Chartwells.

Like the students attending BGSU today, I experienced high prices, poor service, and long waits at campus restaurants. What motivation will Chartwells have to better serve students when they are a monopoly on campus?

I’m surprised by the lack of interest current students have in the changes involving Dining Services.

Come next fall, students should be prepared for long waits and higher prices … without the choice of an independent business on campus.

  Kurt Chiarelott

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