Students produce comedic film series “B.G.P.D.”

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For Michael Kallenborn, one big joke turned into something much larger than he expected.

The joke was based off of an experience Kallenborn had with a friend involving law enforcement and led him to produce videos that overdramatized the experience.

“I was bored the last two days of exams last semester and said, ‘Why don’t we make a video for fun?” Kallenborn said.

Kallenborn, a senior film production major at the University, began making funny videos with a comic twist that piggybacked off a personal experience.

He became interested in film production when he started to experience filmmaking in a film class for school and found inspiration.

“I worked on a silent movie called “The Exchange” that also was on my Facebook page that people seemed to really enjoy,” he said.

He continued to be inspired after the amount of feedback he got online.

“I then made a project title sequence for another class and posted it on my Facebook page too,” Kallenborn said. “I got feedback off of this short clip also, which made me wonder what people would think about other funny ideas I had.”

He said he has been told his ideas were really creative, and once he finally put them into action, he loved seeing all his hard work and creativity brought to life.

“I love entertaining people, and making them laugh is a highlight of all this,” Kallenborn said.

Kallenborn didn’t work alone – his partner, senior Russian major Misha Tot, helped with acting and camera work. The filming of the show took place around the city of Bowling Green as well as on campus.

“We work really well together because our ideas go off of one another’s, which was one aspect that helped us come up with the plot and storyline of the show,” Tot said.

Kallenborn and Tot play two overambitious cops in Bowling Green who detest crime so much they will do whatever it takes to fight it. Kallenborn’s cop name is John Dogood and Misha’s cop name is Richard Hungwell.

The videos are available on YouTube and can be found by searching “BGPD.”

Tot said there is a series of three videos on YouTube now, and the fourth one is out Friday.

“We plan on having at least a series of 10 videos for season one,” Tot said. “Then begin to work on season two.”

Although Tot’s major is unrelated to film production, his plan is to move to Hollywood one day.

“I would like to pursue a job that has to do with movie production because I enjoy making people laugh from the series we are working on now,” he said.

Tot and Kallenborn had help from friends willing to work. Their cameraman, freshman Matt Stiltner, helps film every show.

“I enjoy being the cameraman because it’s a lot safer than being out there,” Stiltner said. “Plus, it’s always funny watching my friends make these videos.”

Stiltner, as well as the rest of the cast working on the show, were all contacted by Kallenborn to produce these shows.

“It’s really nice because my friends donate their time to help make these videos a success,” Kallenborn said.

Tot said once people started hearing about the videos being made, their friends and random fans would come to them to donate everything they needed for the videos.

“It was crazy; we didn’t have to buy a single thing,” Tot said. “Friends and viewers just started donating things we needed for our show, which was awesome. I have a box full of wigs just sitting in my room.”

Kallenborn and Tot are already planning their next season and have many ideas for their viewers.

“We already have a poster made, and we are about to make another one that’s a little better with other important supporting actors,” Tot said. “Everyone is excited to come back and film again.”