‘Pure Romance’ parties entertain, sell intimate products

Reporter and Reporter

When senior Jasmine Adkins found herself at a routine, mundane part-time job, she never imagined the new job she’d soon find would have her talking about sex with strangers.

Adkins attended a friend’s small party at the beginning of her junior year and landed her latest job as an advanced consultant for Pure Romance. Pure Romance is a company focusing on the sales of bath, beauty, and massage products, as well as lubricants, bedroom accessories and lingerie.

The company is known for its parties that any woman can host free of cost at her own home. Each party has a Pure Romance consultant attend to demonstrate the use and sales of various products from the company’s catalog. The parties provide a comfortable environment for women to talk and learn about both the products and their personal stories.

“I actually had never heard of Pure Romance before going to this friend’s party, and once I got there I got to talking with the consultant,” said Adkins. “She convinced me I had the personality and I should look into becoming a consultant.”

Two weeks later, Adkins held her first party. With the help of Human Sexuality instructor Marissa Wagner Oehlhof, offering extra credit to students who signed up to host a party and the help of friends, she was able to begin building a client base.

“I have met so many people through doing this and actually a lot of my clients have become really close friends; it’s more than just a job in that way,” Adkins said.

Adkins often books her parties more than a month in advance and has developed a steady client base in the area. The parties provide a way for her to mix up her routine when she starts to get bored and show women it is not just a company for bedroom accessories, Adkins said.

“They offer so many different products, so no matter what, the party targets all women,” said senior Kara Gillespie. “There’s definitely something in it for everyone.”

Gillespie has been to multiple parties and said they are a great way to get discounted products as well as get the girls together for something fun and different to do.

Both Gillespie and Adkins said there are so many different kinds of products that it’s hard to choose a favorite, but for Gillespie, the “Coochy” shaving cream is her favorite while Adkins said “Dream,” a pillow mist that has chemicals in it to help people sleep, is one of her top picks.

Though Pure Romance has a “no men allowed” policy at the parties due to the possible reservations women might feel if men attended, they can order from the catalog or online. Pure Romance even offers a line of bedroom accessories for men.

“I hear girls talking about these parties all the time and from what I understand, they seem like they get pretty rowdy,” said junior Zach Harmeyer. “I guess us guys will never know what goes on at one of them, but I wouldn’t mind finding out.”

Adkins’ routine part-time job has since been left behind and she said she now enjoys and looks forward to work. From college students to grandmothers, Adkins said people would be surprised at how willing women of all ages are to talk about their personal lives as well as what products they buy, but it’s part of what makes her love the job.

Women interested in hosting a party can contact Adkins at [email protected] or visit the website, www.pureromance.com to set up a party or shop products online.