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This past summer, I got feathers in my hair. Eight feathers, to be exact.

This wasn’t exactly a decision I came to lightly, but in hindsight, I’m very glad I got them.

I chose to get feathers this summer because of my friend Taylor. I went to the salon with her to get her feathers, and I have to admit, I was skeptical.

Feathers seemed unnecessarily ostentatious, and something that I wouldn’t take part in. However, when I saw the rainbow assortment of fluffy feathers and how cool they looked in Taylor’s hair, I was sold.

I got feathers, eight bright, fluffy red feathers.

Despite almost violently combing them out of my hair by accident a few times, I soon fell in love with my feathers.

I was so attached (literally and figuratively) to my feathers, that, in December, when I finally parted with them, I had to be talked through it.

Taylor, whose feathers had fallen out long before, convinced me that it was time – the trend was over.

My feathers left me with more than just memories of more fun hair styles, they inspired an idea.

During the time I had my feathers, several people asked me about them.

“Oh, you have feathers?” They’d say. And then they’d go on to ask several questions I would gladly answer.

“How do they put them in?”

“Can you wash your hair?”

“Do they hurt?”

All these questions inspired me to explain this trend to more people than just the ones who asked me personally, I wanted to explain it to readers too.

This fall, the first ever trends article was about feathers and since, The Pulse has been explaining trends just like feathers.

Trends pass in and out of popularity so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up, so if you find yourself behind in the trends, then this section is perfect for you.

This week, The Pulse is all about explaining trends; the good, the bad and the just plain confusing.

If you’re a little reluctant to ask your friends what dubstep is or why everyone has a longboard, just look inside this special edition of The Pulse for helpful explanations.

In this issue we delve into four recent trends and tell you what they’re all about. None of them are feathers, but it’s the same concept. Learn about longboarding, 3-D movies, dubstep and timeline in this issue. Read the articles for explanations of when the trends became popular, why they’re popular and how people are responding.

The Pulse section has featured a trend article almost every week, and we’re not stopping. You need to know about trends and we’ve got the information.

I hope you enjoy this all-about-trends Pulse, and that you’ll look in future editions for even more trends.

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