Music Review: One Direction album satisfying follow-up


One Direction

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Boy bands have the most loyal fans in the world.

If One Direction group members recorded an album in which they took turns reciting British slang like “bugger” and “cheesed off,” it would go platinum in ten minutes.

That’s not to say 1D’s new album “Take Me Home” is half-arsed. But the British superstars banked multi-album success with the release of their debut album “Up All Night” less than a year ago.

“Take Me Home” sounds like a continuation of “Up All Night,” which makes sense because the predecessor was released only eight months ago in the United States.

It’s a satisfying follow-up, though it feels a bit rushed in a way its predecessor does not.

“Take Me Home” consists of accelerated, power pop tunes that are designed as to win over younger fans.

Some, like “Heart Attack” and “Back to You,” are well-produced toe-tappers.

The “ow!” in “Heart Attack” will resonate with One Direction fans.

Other fast tracks, like “C’mon, C’mon” and “Rock Me,” will go in one ear and out the other. They’re okay, but mostly filler material.

“Up All Night” also had its share of pumped performances, like the break-out hit, “What Makes You Beautiful,” but the ballads were remarkable. “Gotta Be You” reminded us why One Direction won “The X Factor” — sheer talent.

The notes held in “Gotta Be You” were nothing short of extraordinary.

This is where “Take Me Home” is, as the Brits would say, knackered.

Slow songs like “Little Things,” “Summer Love” and “Over Again” don’t showcase One Direction’s, well, X factor. The melodies are overly repetitive, the lyrics cliché.

“They don’t know about the things we do; they don’t know about the, ‘I love yous,’” the boys sing in, “They Don’t Know About Us.”

Virtually every band has sung lyrics similar to these.

Despite a lacking in the X factor category, One Direction fans will have a blast with “Take Me Home.”

The British Invasion of the 21st century shows no signs of ceasing.