Movie Review: Fun Size

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Grade: C

“Fun Size” stars Victoria Justice as Wren Desantis, a high school senior living in Cleveland, Ohio. Wren and her best friend, April (Jane Levy), are invited to a Halloween party thrown by Wren’s crush, Aaron Riley (Thomas McDonnell).

When Wren’s mother, Joy (Chelsea Handler), tells Wren she is going to a party with her much younger boyfriend Kevin (Josh Pence), Wren must watch her younger brother, Albert (Jackson Nicoll), instead of going to the party.

While taking Albert trick-or-treating, Wren becomes distracted by the “nerds” Peng (Osric Chau) and Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and loses Albert in the shuffle.

Albert begins to wreak havoc around the town. He soon befriends a convenient store clerk named Fuzzy (Thomas Middleditch).

Fuzzy decides he wants to get revenge on Jurgen (Johnny Knoxville), who stole Fuzzy’s girlfriend and Fuzzy brings Albert along for the ride.

Wren, April, Peng and Roosevelt soon begin to search for Albert around town in Roosevelt’s parent’s car.

Albert is seen wreaking havoc around town and finds himself in a dangerous predicament.

The movie has close to no character development and is very slow paced.

The hour-and-a-half movie could have easily been done in thirty-minutes.

I was surprised at the amount of swearing and sexual references in a movie produced by Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon tends to keep a very family-friendly aspect in all of their shows and movies. I was surprised Nickelodeon would produce a PG-13 movie.

With the exception of Knoxville and Middleditch, the acting in the movie is good. Knoxville and Middleditch both had extremely unbelievable characters and their acting seemed to be pushed the extremes to maintain their characters image.

The movie had many laughs, a few tears and plenty of Halloween spirit.

Overall, “Fun Size” is decent.

There has been better and worse Halloween movies released.

I wouldn’t recommend paying movie theater prices to see it. Wait until it’s in a Redbox.