Bookstore offers students chance to make gift wish lists

With the holiday season approaching, the University Bookstore is providing students opportunities to set up their own Falcon wish lists.

The BG4Me Gift Registry serves as an online wish list that will help students with gift-giving this winter.

“Everybody wants to give a gift that they know is wanted,” said Pam Oler, Bookstore Sales Manager.

Students can visit the Bookstore’s website and set up one or multiple gift registries and make them public for anyone to access or private so only approved people can view it.

“All you’re really doing is just a registry [like] at Toys R Us or Babies R Us, you just build your registry and you tell it what you want on it,” Oler said.

Like any store registry, the list will keep track of any items purchased on a persons list so people won’t end up purchasing the same thing.

The registry also has the capability to send out automatic, personalized thank you E-mails to those who make any purchases from it, Oler said.

“I just think it’s the best kept secret on campus,” Oler said.

For more information on the BG4Me Gift Registry or to begin building a list, students can visit