Reverend’s Bar and Grill owners celebrate fifth anniversary

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Griffin Jones and his brother Garrett may serve up “heavenly food and devilish drinks,” but the only thing they’re religious about with their business is appreciation for their customers.

Jones, a 2008 alumnus, opened Reverend Chico’s, which was later changed to Reverend’s bar and grill, with his brother and dad in 2007.

For its fifth anniversary, Jones is offering $5 gift certificates to the first 50 customers from Monday through Friday. The gift to their customers is how Jones and Garrett chose to say thank you for continued patronage.

“We just wanted to give back to them,” Jones said. “Without them, we might not be here right now.”

While today marks the bar and grill’s anniversary, the business is still “evolving,” from its name to its drinks, cuisine and atmosphere.

“We’re always trying to do new things,” Jones said. “Our menu is just a guide, it will never be set in stone.”

The original menu at Reverend’s consisted of Latin American cuisine and southwestern options, but the business made the switch to focus on drinks and burgers upon shortening its name. With training from a culinary institute in Vermont, Garret now helps to whip up burgers in the back, while Jones helps to make and pour drinks up front.

“Some days it’s a lot of work but we balance each other out perfectly,” Garrett said.

Customers such as Kellie Evans, the women’s soccer coach, agree that the hard work of the two brothers and their staff is paying off.

“It’s really got a good little atmosphere but the staff is what keeps me coming back,” Evans said.

In keeping with the staff that Evans has gotten to know, the bar and grill is actually named after one of its staff members.

“Reverend” was part of Garrett’s college nickname and became the business’s name since he is one of the “masterminds” behind the operation, Jones said.

“Being the head chef, we thought it should have his name on it,” Jones said. “It seemed to fit.”

When the business first opened in 2007, Jones took two semesters off to help by working almost every day.

“It was something I wanted to do,” Jones said. “It was a little bit of an uphill battle but it was new and exciting.”

Among all of the “characters” Jones and Garrett serve in Reverend’s, the business’s regulars are the ones who have helped to keep the place open for five years, Jones said.

“They’re more than just our customers,” Jones said. “They’re the one’s who will help make sure we’ll never fade way. They’re going to help us become a staple here in Bowling Green.”