The Planet The

Rachel Bobak and Rachel Bobak

Grade: C

The strange electronic sounds of The Planet The are almost incomprehensible. The three-member band of The Planet The are eccentric. Their musical taste has interesting implications. These implications indicate that The Planet The are creating a new dance craze. The electronic music they play can be introduced as the new wave.

The lead vocalist, Charles Salas-Humara, has an almost inaudible voice. He uses a sort of conversional effect in his voice. His voice draws in the attention of the audience. Dave Huebner on keys and Charles Francis Matze III on drums make up the rest of the band. Charles Salas-Humara also plays the guitar.

The Planet The have an intriguing expression of sound. It seems as though the band enjoys playing music. That concept shows in their musical ability. Their musical ability does seem quite complicated, despite the fact that it can be difficult to listen to at times.

There could be a huge population of college students who would listen to The Planet The. It is absolutely obvious that they can play instruments. Charles Salas-Humara can sing as long as he does not use strange effects on his voice.

The songs on their new CD, Physical Angel, range from good to bad. On most albums, there will be one song that is disliked by the populace. On Physical Angel, a little more than half can be entertaining. The Planet The seems like they could be an entertaining band.

The Planet The could possibly be a band for the near future. As of yet, they would not be included in the “good” category of today’s music. The Planet The has potential of resounding well done musical measures. They make is evident in some of the songs on Physical Angel.

Though their music may come across as a little odd, The Planet The can be considered a gate-way for future music of our generation. Instrumentals as well as their lyrics can interest the most cultural type crowd. As long as a band can play instruments with some sort of beat and talent, The Planet The can be considered that band. This album could be heard if a person is in the mood for a wacky, psychedelic estranging combination of lyrics and chords.