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COVID-19 versus influenza

October 20, 2022

Grace Holladay | ReporterAs the weather continues to get chillier, people will turn to staying indoors for the majority of their waking hours. The desire to escape into a heated building or enclosed space...

Next round of COVID-19 boosters set to arrive after Labor Day

September 2, 2022

Grace Holladay | ReporterThe next round of COVID-19 booster shots are set to arrive in the hands of healthcare providers in early September. This would mean distribution to the public could begin as early...

B.G. Transit provides free rides for vaccination appointments

Bg News Staff and Bg News Staff March 17, 2021

B.G. Transit offers free rides to and from COVID-19 vaccination events for the public through the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Rides to Community Immunity program.The B.G. Transit is funded,...

BGSU disperses coronavirus relief money to students

Ryan Dick and Ryan Dick March 5, 2021

On Friday, BGSU announced $6.5 million will be dispersed to students for financial relief due to the coronavirus pandemic.Eligible students can receive between $250 to $1,000 as a grant through the Coronavirus...

The event will be Tuesday, March 28, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in BTSU 228, according to BGSU. 

Students receive meal plan refund due to COVID-19

Ryan Dick and Ryan Dick January 22, 2021

As coronavirus continues to impact the hours of operation and force some dining locations on campus to close, the university is refunding students for the inconvenience.On Friday, students received a 10%...

Vaccine - Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova via Pexels

Additional COVID-19 vaccines available for people age 80+ Jan. 22

Wood County Health Department has received additional COVID-19 vaccine doses and is partnering with Meijer to provide 450 additional appointments this week for people age 80 and older. Scheduling for these...

BG City Schools - Photo by Kyle Michaelis

BG City Schools adjust to pandemic

Megan Finke and Megan Finke January 16, 2021

Throughout the community of Bowling Green, red signs reading “RE-OPEN BG SCHOOLS,” can be found in many yards, windows and even cars. This is a call to action by those who believe children...

Press release: Wood County announces plans for Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

 [[inline_image_identifier 199803df2167595229fff9c2e0add4cc.png]] Wood County announces plans for start of Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine distribution Vaccine opportunities will be posted at BOWLING...

COVID-19 mask

BGSU students, teachers share positive experiences with COVID-19

Macey Austin and Macey Austin January 15, 2021

As people turn on the news, look at a magazine or even scroll through social media, all anyone seems to talk about is the C-word. Yes, COVID-19. But there have been some positive outcomes to life under...

International Students - Photo via Pixabay

COVID-19 impacts student enrollment nationwide

Kerstie Shaw and Kerstie Shaw January 13, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic and the policies and complications that followed has set international student enrollment on the decline, according to a November 2020 AP News article. International students from...

Moving On - Photo via PxFuel

Moving forward from 2020

Kylie Tusing and Kylie Tusing January 13, 2021

To say the least, 2020 was a year of chaos. But as the year closed we began to see the light. A new president-elect, a vaccine for the global pandemic and a turning point in which people and companies...

BGSU prepares for anticipated COVID-19 vaccine

Ryan Dick and Ryan Dick December 10, 2020

 With Gov. Mike DeWine announcing a coronavirus vaccine will arrive around Dec. 15, BGSU began planning on how to move forward.The university will directly work with the Wood County Hospital and the...

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