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How to avoid appropriating a halloween costume

October 31, 2022

Ben Cook | ReporterAs we near Halloween, it is incredibly important to be mindful of the costume you choose and to make sure that said costume is not harmful to others.One way to stay mindful is to avoid...

The Hunt to Find At-Home Tests

September 20, 2022

Chloe S. Kozal | Opinion WriterDear Bowling Green State University: Just because you wish COVID-19 didn’t exist, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still impact your community. Like my math exam,...

50 years of LSU: Current VP reflects on evolution of org

Macy Southard and Macy Southard March 30, 2022

The Latino Student Union is celebrating 50 years of being a student organization at BGSU.As a current member of LSU, this is very important to me. Right now, I hold the Vice President position and Public...

Are tattoos still taboo? Stigma against body art in workplace

Taylor Kitchen and Taylor Kitchen February 11, 2022

Body art as a form of self-expression is on the rise in the United States, and many businesses are asking their staff to cover tattoos as an act of professionalism. For one Bowling Green State University...

Student Legal Services is worth $4 more

Dawn Violet Todd and Dawn Violet Todd February 11, 2022

With BGSU’s Undergraduate Student Government passing a resolution introduced on Jan. 31, it is now up to the board of trustees at their next meeting to vote on the raise from $9 to $13.It’s...

Opinion: The Starship delivery robots are a bit overrated

John Mauceri and John Mauceri February 7, 2022

After getting my sixth order in a row delayed by the Starship Robots, I started to ask myself whether or not other people were having the same experience as me. According to Starship’s about page,...

Happy Black History Month: A celebration of history, culture, heritage

Rosiland Fletcher and Rosiland Fletcher February 3, 2022

Happy Black History Month!What an exciting time — the new year with new resolutions and with the start of February, we have Groundhog Day (hopefully one step closer to spring) and Valentine’s...

Opinion: Greek life should be banned

Amelia Roberts and Amelia Roberts February 2, 2022

Recently, our university has made the decision to suspend Delta Chi and Phi Delta Theta, two fraternities from Greek life, because of alleged hazing and underage drinking.Greek life. Hazing. Underage drinking....

Blood, Queers & HIV: Donation crisis sees FDA grapple with own bigotry

Dawn Violet Todd and Dawn Violet Todd January 20, 2022

In January 2022, the American Red Cross declared what they called a “Blood Crisis.” Donation shortages, canceled drives and much more have put the country’s blood supply in shambles. Health...

Biden vax mandate shot down, poses question

Matthew Gergely and Matthew Gergely January 20, 2022

As we continue into our second year in the pandemic, the methods being implemented have evolved from 2020 to 2022. Two different presidential administrations have tried to handle the COVID-19 outbreak....

Opinion: Thanksgiving deserves another chance this year

Chloe S. Kozal and Chloe S. Kozal November 24, 2021

As I grew older and politics got more divided, I often held Thanksgiving in contempt, judging it to simply be a commercialized glorification of American gluttony and ignorance of the true origins of Thanksgiving....

Center for Justice - Photo by Kerrigan Stark

Personal perspective: Criminal justice student hopes for change from new justice center

Kerrigan Stark and Kerrigan Stark November 24, 2021

On Nov. 10, I ventured to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Justice for a ground-breaking announcement involving BGSU and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). The room was full of BGSU’s top...

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