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Letter to the Editor: Working off-campus, while living on

September 18, 2022

 Lucinda Busselle | Guest Columnist I’m a Bowling Green local and a freshman at BGSU this year. Like many other students, I chose to live on campus because I have heard it was a good way...

Lady Parts - Graphic courtesy of Lady Parts Comedy

Lady Parts Comedy returns to stage

Lady Parts Comedy and Lady Parts Comedy October 6, 2021

Lady Parts Comedy is officially back and better than ever.We’ll be returning full-force at our very first show of the year, “Hallelujah, SHE SPEAKS!” Our show will be unique in both content...

Letter to the Editor: H2O Church responds to recent protest

H2O Church Staff and H2O Church Staff September 15, 2020

We want to thank BG Falcon Media for issuing an apology to our church and student organization and for giving us this opportunity to speak to the hurtful and misleading actions toward us in recent weeks. We...

Letter to the Editor: Cuff the wrists, cable tie the ankles and let them live

George Ortega and George Ortega June 11, 2020

Navigating matters like COVID-19 requires the guidance of experts - like trained medical professionals. Navigating other matters doesn't require any special training or understanding. There is a simple...

LTTE 12/8

Letter to the editor: BGSU alumnus gives thanks to faculty and students

Justin Crawfis and Justin Crawfis December 8, 2019

As I view the vacant space once occupied by West Hall, I recall an occurrence there one September day during my sophomore year.On September 15, 1998, I had woken up late and subsequently skipped breakfast....

Mary 8/22

How to submit opinion pieces (and become my best friend) | How to BG

Mary Ross and Mary Ross August 26, 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Mary Ross and I am the forum editor for this academic year at BGSU. Currently, I am a sophomore from Toledo, Ohio, studying multiplatform journalism, with minors in environmental...

Letter to the editor: HerChoice explains pregnancy center’s mission

Note from the editor: The following letter was submitted in response to a column printed in the April 22 issue of The BG News. Bowling Green Pregnancy Center/HerChoice is a faith-based, 501 c3 non-profit...

Birth of a Nation 3/28

Letter to the editor: Gish not responsible for ‘Birth of a Nation,’ its impact

Gretchen L. Gaige and Gretchen L. Gaige March 28, 2019

Dear B.G. News Editorial Dept.:I understand a Task Force is discussing the possibility of eliminating the Gish Memorial Theater. It’s interesting to note that while it is decried that Lillian Gish...

Letter to the Editor: The “biased liberal media” is not a myth

John Riedl and John Riedl March 11, 2019

I could not let the letter to the editor from Mr. Epstein go by without a response. The one comment from Mr. Epstein that is correct is his statement about his wish for civility between the two parties....

Liberal Media- 2/24

Letter to the editor: The ‘biased liberal media’ is a myth

Stewart B. Epstein and Stewart B. Epstein February 24, 2019

It is my hope to see the day when both conservative-Republicans and liberal/progressive Democrats will become more politically honest and truthful with the American people. There is tremendous room for...


Letter to the editor: PETA manager responds to forum editor

Kenneth Montville and Kenneth Montville February 14, 2019

Dear Editor:The website mentioned in Meredith Siegel’s Feb. 10 column is run by a front group for the meat industry, whose self-professed strategy is to “shoot the messenger” because...

Letter from the Editor

Stepha Poulin and Stepha Poulin August 24, 2018

Dear readers,The beginning of another year at the University is marked by events and traditions that are familiar to many of us. Soon the campus will come alive with students – new and returning...

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