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BGSU students speak on LGBTQ+ Rights around the world

BGSU students speak on LGBTQ+ Rights around the world

Maddie O’Halloran, Reporter February 12, 2023

Britain’s government recently moved to block a Scottish bill making gender change more accessible for their citizens, according to a New York Times article published Jan. 16. At Bowling Green State University,...

Woman wearing a hijab

“Women, Life and Liberty”

Nia Lambdin, Managing Editor October 5, 2022

Protests worldwide are demanding freedom and justice in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini on Sept. 16 after being arrested by the Iranian Morality Police, according to The Guardian.According to Time...

Falcon 4 News Graphic

Falcon 4 News: Week of March 28

Local‘Pippin’ being performed at BGSUThe Broadway hit was originally supposed to be performed in 2020 but was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. “We were literally in the middle...

Falcon 4 News Graphic

Falcon 4 News: Week of February 7

Abigail Muth and Abigail Muth February 9, 2022

LocalCOVID-19 contact tracing in Wood CountyCOVID-19 cases in Wood County are dropping, but the health department is shifting its strategy from contact tracing onto personal responsibility, according to...

Falcon 4 News Graphic

Falcon 4 News: Week of October 25

Megan Finke and Megan Finke October 27, 2021

COVID on campus: Last period’s numbersFrom Oct. 13 through 19, there have been 19 positive COVID-19 cases reported to BGSU. 17 of those are confirmed and two are suspected, meaning they have been...

Aidan and Emily Hubbell-Staeble

Newlywed’s honeymoon shortened due to coronavirus

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University mosaics returning to Turkey

By David Escobedo and By David Escobedo October 22, 2018

The University has been in possession of ancient Roman mosaics since it first purchased them from a New York art dealer in 1965. Now, it is planning to move them back to where they originally came from:...

Board of Cosmetology wants to know your bad nail experiences

By Shelby Ruiz and By Shelby Ruiz February 19, 2018

With over 13,000 salons in Ohio inspected by 12 people, the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology is encouraging more public engagement.Inspecting and ensuring the correct procedures for licensing, safety and...

#MeToo: Raising voices to reverse rape culture

By Brionna Scebbi and By Brionna Scebbi December 10, 2017

Stories of survivors of sexual assault have come to light, increasing attention towards the idea of an American rape culture. Sexual assault is “any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs...

College Republicans Weigh in on Trump’s Performance

By Kaitlyn Fillhart and By Kaitlyn Fillhart November 9, 2017

In a survey of 11 College Republicans, five said that they were happy with President Trump’s performance, three were not and another three were not sure yet.         ...

Diversity of Diwali Mela: celebrating light over dark

By Stepha Poulin and By Stepha Poulin November 6, 2017

Diwali Mela, or the Festival of Lights, is celebrated in dozens of ways across India; the University’s India Student Association highlights this diversity and shares traditions each year with the...

Nuclear tensions threaten peace

By Emily Gielink and By Emily Gielink October 22, 2017

The final presentation of the Seeking Peace in the Nuclear Era: A Peace Symposium brought local peace activists and University students together Wednesday, as Hiroshima bomb survivors Keiko Ogura and Setsuko...

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