On the Edge Art Studio lets customers express themselves through tattoos, piercings

On the Edge Art Studio is a destination for some looking to tell their stories through tattoos or piercings.

Customers’ stories have been the focus of the studio since owner Toby Drew opened it in March 2000.

Sophomore Devon Holbrook went downtown to On the Edge for the first time when her friend got a tattoo.

“I knew someone who got a tattoo there two years ago,” Holbrook said.

Holbrook said she liked the studio and decided to go back for a tattoo of her own.

“I have a horse tattoo on my ribs that I drew myself,” she said. “They took it and redrew it onto me.”

Mike Kelley went to the tattoo shop, and left with not only a tattoo of his last name on his back, but a great impression as well.

“That place is a beast,” Kelley said. “I like the people that work there.”

Senior Neil Powell also said he had a good time and a new piercing.

“They are very down-to-Earth and not pushy,” Powell said. “They want what is best for you and they aren’t afraid to tell you when a tattoo or a percing won’t work. They are really looking out for your best intrest.”

One of those tattooists is Joe Frias.

“I’ve worked here a little over five years now,” Frias said. “I’ve seen a lot through the years.”

One tattoo stuck out in Frias’ mind above the rest.

“A guy got the words ‘tramp stamp’ on his lower back,” he said.

Ryan Nickens is a co-worker with Frias and he has also seen his share of unique tattoos.

“There was this one guy who had a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign put on his butt cheek,” Nickens said.

Sharing a similar experience with Nickens is Dennis Foust, the manager of On the Edge Art Studio.

An 81-year-old woman wanted a rose on her butt cheek because her husband had just died earlier that day, Foust said

As to why the woman wanted that particular tattoo in that sensitive place, Foust said she had an answer for that as well.

“I asked her why she wanted a rose and she told me that Rose was her middle name,” Foust said. “Then I asked why she wanted it on her butt cheek, and she told me that her husband always called her by her middle name Rose and he was always on her ass.”