Game brings up intrigue between a BG guard and her father, who works for the University of Dayton

Normally, going to an event such as a Women’s National Invitational Tournament game could be grounds for some level of family togetherness.

However, tonight’s match-up between the BG women’s basketball team and the University of Dayton is sure to flip that theory on its ear.

This game has taken a somewhat different tone, with two Goldsberrys squaring off for the right to move on to the next round of the tournament.

In one corner is Lindsey Goldsberry, BG’s starting small forward and defensive ace. In the other corner is her dad, Frank, who currently serves as Dayton’s Director of Basketball Operations.

Both family members are well aware of each other’s teams, but they’ve tried not to get into too many details.

“I know how [Dayton’s] doing because he works there, but we don’t really talk about x’s and o’s,” Goldsberry said. “I mean, we would never do that. That would just be weird. But we do talk about how [BG’s] doing and how [Dayton’s] season is going.”

Frank Goldsberry could definitely be considered a multi-tasker. While serving as a member of Dayton’s basketball staff, he also teaches at Tipp City High School and attends many of Lindsey and her younger brother’s basketball games.

He also has a number of responsibilities at UD, including film exchange with other teams, team travel plans, hotel stays and meals. He is in a part-time role.

“I think [my parents have been to] pretty much all of my home games, except maybe one where they went to see my younger brother,” Goldsberry said. “And then [my parents] try to make most of my away games. ” about 70 to 75 percent.”

Goldsberry has also multi-tasked. She averaged 8.2 points and 4.3 rebounds this season. But her biggest contributions have come on the defensive end, where she has frequently had to guard talented offensive players.

It’s quite possible that her best defensive effort of the year came in BG’s Mid-American Conference semifinal loss to Ohio last week, where she held Lauren Kohn, one of the conference’s most potent offensive players, scoreless.

But when it comes to tonight’s WNIT game, the only thing certain in this battle of the Goldsberrys is that Lindsey will be on the floor doing whatever she has to do to get a win, and Frank will be in the stands, cheering for everybody involved at Anderson Arena.

“What a great side story for this game,” said BG coach Curt Miller. “It’s probably a little bittersweet. He’s probably going to be rooting for both of us.”