Through The Looking Glass

JUST WHAT HE WANTED: The three wives of Lebanese farmer Ghassan Abdel-Al are tired — very tired. Between them, they have given birth to 42 children, and judging

by Ghassan’s insatiable appetite for ”love,” things aren’t about to let up any time soon. He is only 47 years old. So, to take the pressure off themselves, the three gave

Abdel-Al what they consider the perfect gift _ a fourth wife. He is very happy about it. ”I can’t live without love, or at least without women,” he said. ”That is the way Allah

created me.”

OH LOOK, A KITTY, A BIG KITTY, AIEEE! After his tenant suddenly vacated a rented Omaha, Neb., home due to his arrest for bank robbery, landlord Ray Besore went

in to inspect the place and get it ready for a new renter. He opened the door and was met by a lunging six-month-old mountain lion, a pet of the former tenant. Besore

immediately retreated. He was unharmed.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT DEAL? Eileen Mayfield, a 42-year-old guard at the Montgomery County prison in Pennsylvania, made five male inmates who wanted

candy or snacks have sex with her in exchange, police said. She reportedly told one of them ”if you don’t do what I want I can write you up and you will get another six

to nine months added to your time.” Prisoner complaints sparked an investigation. She is facing charges.

HONEY, YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTS: John Turner of Middlesbrough, England, took his wife, Pauline, to divorce court, because she rearranged the furniture in their

home every single day of their 38-year marriage. Every single day. John cited grounds of unreasonable behavior. Pauline admits that her habit is, indeed, odd, but

explained, ”Everybody has their little obsession.” The divorce was granted.

A SHOCKING DISPLAY OF MODESTY: David Joyner, who is serving 14 years in a Texas prison for robbery and assault, was extremely disappointed at the nude

pictures of Paula Jones in December’s Penthouse, because they were not revealing enough. He is suing the magazine for $500,000 because he was ”very mentally

hurt and angered” that the photographs did not live up to his expectations. Perhaps to make his complaint seem more substantial, he identified himself as the Minister of

Law of the Mandingo Warriors prison gang. It didn’t work. The suit was summarily dismissed, and His Ministership was fined $250 for filing a frivolous legal motion.

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