Republicans say ‘Bush good roll model’

ARLINGTON, Va. – For young Republicans who voted for the first time in the November presidential election, attending the inauguration festivities for George W. Bush was all the more memorable.

Gathering at Gov. Taft’s breakfast Saturday, the young Republicans all originally from Ohio celebrated their hard work, which helped Bush win the election.

Seth Unger, a senior at John Caroll University, said he was involved in several aspects of the campaign including folding letters, licking envelopes and helping with phone banks. He said he’s looking forward to watching Bush’s term unfold.

‘He is the first president I got to vote for and with it being such a close election–I know that my vote mattered,’ he said.

A freshman at Indiana University, he said he got up early on the day of elections because he couldn’t wait to vote.

‘Being involved in the political process was just so meaningful for me,’ said Matt Schlarb.

Joe Hollabaugh, director of Victory 2000 in Columbus, Ohio, said the involvement of young adults in the campaign was phenomenal.

‘College Republicans and Greeks from all around Ohio helped us,’ he said. ‘Even though they were just stuffing envelopes, they were ambitious and excited about being involved.’

Many young Republicans said their hard work was worth it because of the man they believe Bush to be.

‘Bush is a uniter, not a divider–he has a sincere message,’ said Jayne Juvan, a junior political science major at Walsh University. ‘It’s going to be a challenge for him, but I think he’s going to step up to the plate.’

Danielle Kosanovich, a freshman at American University, said there is just something about Bush that appeals to young adults.

‘He’s a down-to-earth person and as a young person I feel like I could sit down with him and have a cup of coffee.’