Shuttle route expands

A new campus shuttle route that includes stops at the airport, field house, and overflow parking lot started yesterday. The route will run Monday through Thursday from 7 – 10 p.m.

It will arrive at bus stops about once every ten minutes.

James Beaupre, equipment maintenance superintendent at the University, said that they have had requests from students who need this route because of safety considerations.

The new route will run until March 8, when it will be reviewed and evaluated. At that time, the new route will either be continued on a more permanent basis or will be eliminated.

Jenn Dushaw, a junior, said the route ‘is a much needed safety precaution for the safety of the students in the dimly-lit parking area.’

She also added that the new route could discourage car thieves because there would be more people in the area.

Beaupre said that there will be no additional new buses this year. The department’s only added cost for the new shuttle stops will be extra fuel.