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    Summer break is the perfect opportunity to get back into reading. Adam Silvera’s (2017) novel, They Both Die at the End, can serve as a stepping stone into the realm of reading. The pace is fast, action-packed, and develops loveable characters. Also, Silvera switches point of view each chapter where narration mainly focuses on the protagonists, […]
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Weekly Horoscopes

Aries (March 21-April 20)

Image: ‘On a cold morning, a tiny bird and a cracked egg shell’

Message: Breaking through.

New friendships and business partnerships will now bring a noticeable rise in confidence, Aries. Before mid-week your mental focus, workplace determination and ability to attract new relationships

will be particularly attractive to others. Many Aries natives will experience this in business relationships but some, especially those born early in April, may also find that friendships and romance are

strongly affected. Express your ideas, Aries: potential friends are listening.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Image: ‘Darting through the forest, hundreds of deer’

Message: Loyalties aligned.

Early this week, Taurus, a work official may offer your services or time to others. Business triangles and quickly changing schedules may be a theme over the next few days. Remain diplomatic: this

is not a good time to publicly doubt the expertise or decisions of authority figures. Later this week a new romantic attraction may be surprisingly seductive. Watch for quick flirtations or unexpected

invitations in the workplace. Trust your instincts, Taurus: complex social ethics may be at issue.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Image: ‘On the dark side of the moon, a small heart shaped candy’

Message: Distant passions.

Pay close attention to old documents or past business agreements this week, Gem. Aspects indicate that a work official or financial authority figure may now demand detailed explanations of old

debts, statements and records. After mid-week some Gemini may also experience powerful memories or the return of yesterday’s romantic passions. Key issues involve outdated love affairs or

forgotten friends. An oddly moody few days, Gem: stay balanced and watch for returning emotions.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Image: ‘A bright red apple’

Message: Courage.

Work officials or long term business partners may be particularly critical of your actions and decisions this week. Key issues involve recently broken contracts or failed financial proposals. Long-term

affects will be minimal, Cancer, so not to worry. Do, however, expect fellow workers to be temporarily self absorbed and moody. Later this week a friend or workmate may cancel recent plans. Be

receptive to new ideas or schedules: before mid-March loved ones will find it difficult to choose social priorities.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Image: ‘After a hurricane, a sailboat returning to shore’

Message: Finding calm.

Daily routines will simplify early this week, Leo. Recent misunderstandings with authority figures or annoying changes to paperwork will no longer be an issue in working relationships. By mid-week

expect business officials or key colleagues to clearly focus on creative ideas, new procedures or future growth. Later this week a close friend may be particularly sensitive to social criticism. Pay

close attention to private issues of romantic disappointment, lost love or failed attractions.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Image: ‘In a darkened castle, a candle lit dinner for two’

Message: Responding to passion.

Before mid-week, Virgo, a work official or key business figure may announce new or unusual workplace procedures. Watch records, calculations or inventory for unexpected errors. Respond quickly

and pay close attention to small details: bothersome mistakes will soon prove costly. Late Thursday romance and sensuality will be difficult to resist: expect lovers or close friends to openly express

love or admit to private attractions. Go slow, Virgo: long withheld desires are involved.

Libra (September 23-October 23)

Image: ‘At a graduation ceremony, a long line of professors’

Message: Success by degrees.

Home based business opportunities or short-term investments will be particularly rewarding over the next few days. After Tuesday watch for new financial proposals or unique business openings to

arrive. Some Librans will now rely strongly on past or forgotten ideas to fulfill their work ambitions. Later this week avoid serious discussions with a close friend or lover: social information or family

news will be misleading. A delicate week, Libra: pace yourself and watch for complex changes.

Scorpio (October 24-November 21)

Image: ‘Running along a telephone wire, a frantic squirrel’

Message: Agility, balance, commitment.

Business or financial communications may be subtle and complex this week. For the next few days expect work officials and colleagues to be overly focused on small amounts, unusual errors or

short term contractual limitations. Much of this may involve past power struggles, Scorp: expect ongoing emotional politics and workplace intrigue. After mid-week creative ideas, fast suggestions

and new sources of income will cause excitement: remain open to late arriving proposals.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Image: ‘A restored fresco in the Sistine Chapel’

Message: Attention to detail.

Expect comments on your appearance or public reputation this week, Sage. Late Tuesday afternoon both work co-workers and friends will openly express new ideas, minor criticisms and unique

business suggestions. Many Sagittarians will soon adopt a more public role in working relationships and social gatherings. For the time being, however, loved ones and important business

colleagues may feel isolated or misunderstood: be supportive and wait for new information.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

Image: ‘On a high wire, an acrobat riding a unicycle’

Message: Above all, balance.

Unusual complications may now arrive in key friendships, Cap. Early this week watch for a long term friend to object to recent plans or express disappointment concerning a mutual acquaintance.

There may be more involved than is apparent, Cap: avoid being drawn into subtle emotional battles. Late Thursday your energy and optimism begin returning: plan new social gatherings or group

events. By early next week all returns to normal: remain patient and watch for emotional improvement.

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

Image: ‘On the bow of his ship, a captain studies the heavens’

Message: Taking control.

Publicly state your needs to business officials and work partners this week, Aquarius. Over the next few days an unusual emotional triangle at work may cause a quick shuffle of assignments or

schedules. Be assertive and refuse to be marginalized. Many Aquarius will now need to rely heavily on their own workplace skills to solve problems. After Wednesday social energy returns: before

next week new interests or hobbies will again be pleasing. A demanding week, Aquarius: stay sharp.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Image: ‘A bright red race car negotiating a hair pin turn’

Message: Pacing to win.

This week is an excellent time to state your workplace ideas, intentions or ambitions. Over the next 3 to 4 days, both officials and colleagues will be receptive to your influence and financial wisdom.

Ask for favors, Pisces: you may be surprised by how quickly a response is offered. Late this week watch also for minor social confusion over conflicting events or invitations. Friends will be

competitive and mildly jealous: avoid emotional politics or unnecessary triangles.

If your birthday is this week…important romantic choices will arrive over the next 11 months. By early February long term relationships will begin a brief but intense phase of home decisions and new

family planning. Romantic commitment, living arrangements and new home proposals are accented this year: watch for intimacy and shared ambitions to soon be an ongoing theme. Single

Aquarians can expect a sharp increase in flirtation, new attractions and private invitations for the next 4 months. Later this year a surprising financial proposal is also on the agenda: expect greatly

expanded business partnerships or revised workplace roles by mid to late July.

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‘copy; TMS Campus, 2001

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