U. student reports rape in Oak Grove Cemetery

A senior female reported on Monday that she was raped on November 27.

She was walking in the parking lot when a man approached her. He told her not to scream and that he had a knife, said Dick Gullufsen, police information officer. The man then took her to Oak Grove Cemetery where he sexually assaulted her.

According to Gullufsen, the man who raped the woman was either white or Hispanic, 6’3′, 200 pounds, with black hair and a white hat.

Gullufsen said that stranger rapes are a rarity on campus. The last one took place last year, with the only other one having been reported occurring in 1995.

Although they don’t happen very often, Gullufsen said that anything can happen and people should be aware of them.

‘It happens. Just when you think they don’t, it happens. This is an open campus that people can travel. People come on campus that probably don’t belong here,’ he said.

Gullufsen noted that people can take precautions in order to not be a rape victim. He said that a person should be aware of their surroundings.

‘Always park in well lit areas,’ he said. ‘If someone looks suspicious stay in the car.’

He also said that a person should draw attention to themselves if they think they are be followed by someone.

‘If you think you are being followed, go to other side of the street. If you continue being followed, make noise. Noise is a good deterrent,’ he said.

‘Don’t look like an easy target,’ Gullufsen said. ‘Make sure you do those things to prevent being a victim.’