Students work on Supernet project

While most students avoided the trenches and blue wires from the Supernet projects, some University students were working on the front lines of the Supernet construction.

Lisa Gase and Sarah Overmeyer are among several students who are interning for the University on the Supernet project.

Both of the Supernet project managers are senior construction management majors, although Gase is also majoring in architecture.

‘We are working with the construction side of the update rather than the technological side,’ Overmeyer said.

Overmeyer is responsible for filling out work orders for the sites, as well as doing walk throughs to make sure that everything is going well.

‘I coordinate things for the project,’ said Gase, who is spending her second semester on the project. ‘I help to decide where to place AV cabinets, conduits and big outlets.’

However, the project managers are also responsible for finishing the details of the project sites.

Although Overmeyer has only been an intern with the University since the beginning of the semester, she has enough experience with the project to notice the detail. She worked on the project from May until October with Romanoff Electric.

Romanoff is one of the many companies working on the project.

Gase finds the number of companies on site to be of interest.

‘I have learned so much that I could not have learned at any other job. You have so many different trades working toward one goal in one project,’ Gase said.

Overmeyer feels that she has received valuable hands-on experience.

‘I get to learn a lot more about construction and how to build an infrastructure by working on the project.’