New art on display at U.

David Storie and David Storie

Two exhibits are being displayed at the fine arts building, a faculty art exhibit and “Sensemental,” a collaborative installation work by Michelle Illuminato’s art in space class.

“Sensemental” is an interactive display that seeks to have viewers experience the art with all of their senses. Plates of cookies hang from the ceiling near bottles of incense and stagnate water. White boxes in the display invite the viewers to reach in and investigate the objects hidden inside. Inside are objects of different textures, shapes, sizes and weights.

“Often when people go to an art gallery they focus only on the visual aspects of what is around them, and there might be a number of other scents and sounds that they ignore,” said Illuminato. “One goal of this exhibit was to make people look beyond that view of art.”

Thirteen artists collaborated to create the installations. They divided into groups each of which focused on a different set of senses for the display. They then used the matrix of the five senses and the four elements to create the final exhibit.

In the Dorothy Uber Bryan gallery there is a display of art by faculty and staff. The display contains art in a variety of mediums and styles. Among the exhibits are works in glass, stone, painting, photography and delicately crafted paper that looks to fragile to breath on.

“All members of the faculty are invited to submit works to the exhibit,” said Jacqueline Nathan gallery director for the School of Art. “These artists often display in major cities like Chicago and it is rare to have an opportunity to view them in this area. We are fortunate to se them here.”

“It is also great opportunity for students to see what their teachers are doing,” Nathan said.