Learn to relax for finals

As time is going by fast for each and every one of us, stress is building up. Everybody is trying to get things done, from studying for the finals, to typing those last 10-page papers, or turning in late work – for some of us, turning in late work will be the main activity this week.

Yes, the end of the semester is here again, and even if most of us swear last semester that they would be ready for it this year, and get everything done early… well, it just did not happen.

But instead of running around, going crazy or fighting with everybody you live with, just take the time to relax. It’s three in the afternoon and you need to sleep, do it. You can keep working on your paper or studying after your nap, and you will be way more effective in your work.

Pulling an overnight session might help for one paper, but think about all the things you will have to do the next day. You might need your energy more then than you do now.

Remember to relax, take the five minutes off you need. Take the time to watch a movie, or eat a good meal. Listen to your favorite CD or take a long bath. Yes, those are minutes during which you could have been studying, but the energy you will have afterwards will more than make up for it.

Just remember, a class is just a class, it is not worth agonizing over, or getting in a car accident because of