ITS struggles to speed up service

Kara Hull and Kara Hull

University students have recently expressed concern with the slow nature of Internet connections and BGNet e-mail.

Freshman, Holly Barnes, has experienced problems with accessing her BGNet e-mail account and freely surf the web. She believes that the SuperNet is a “promoter of viruses, and it makes me wonder what kinds of firewalls and other types of protection are being utilized by the university staff.” Barnes cautions fellow students to be aware of current viruses such as those which recently invaded her computer system.

“I was trying to work on a paper, and couldn’t get to,” freshman Jen Laub said.

“It’s highly frustrating,” freshman, Rebecca Morgan said.

Freshman MacKenzie Herroon, has problems with her Internet connection “all the time.” Herroon added, “there are times when I can’t even get into Bowling Green sites or Yahoo! to check my mail.”

Freshman Tess Khoury also has problems checking e-mail on her BGNet account. “I always get reload or error messages,” Khoury said.

Apparently the time of day when students are attempting to access the Internet in the residence halls, is a factor in the speed or availability of on-line services. This is possibly the reason why Elaine Korenich proudly said “I haven’t had any problems.”

“I’m not on the Internet a lot, so I haven’t had too many problems with it,” freshman, Emily Lawry said. “It’s a lot easier to go on-line in the morning hours or late evening, than other times of the day.”

Herroon agrees and said “at certain times of the day, it’s harder to navigate on-line because there are so many people already connected, and it’s hard to go anywhere.”

Bruce Petryshak, the university’s Chief Information Officer is working in cooperation with Information Technology Services to remedy the problem.