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November 30, 2023

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Oscar fever rolls out red carpet

Joe Cunningham: After a year of waiting, the time has finally come to decide what the best movies are for 2005 and this year’s nominees are some of the best I have seen in a long time. Most of the nominees deserve to win an Oscar come Sunday night, but only one will take home the big prize in each category. Here are my picks for who will bring home an Oscar.

Jennifer Kuhn: Oscar predictions are a tricky thing. There is usually a good idea ahead of time of who will win based on previous awards and ceremonies like the Golden Globes, the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and the Director’s Guild of America Award. Throw in my personal taste and you’ll get my predictions for who’s going to show off an Oscar on Sunday night.


JC: “Good Night and Good Luck” – While “Brokeback Mountain” is probably going to win this award, “Good Night and Good Luck” is the film that should win this Sunday. With its outstanding cast (especially David Strathairn who plays Edward R. Murrow), well-written story and superb directing by George Clooney in only the second film he has ever directed, this film was truly the best of the year. Hopefully Oscar voters will realize this.

JK: “Brokeback Mountain” – “Brokeback Mountain” is the clear favorite to win with its already huge bundle of awards, but an excellent surprise win would be “Good Night and Good Luck.” “Good Night” is a beautifully nuanced film that presents a striking story told through traditional and creative filmmaking means. It is also fantastically acted and is respectfully directed by the talented George Clooney.


JC: Phillip Seymour Hoffman – Of all the actors who are nominated in this category, Hoffman’s portrayal of Truman Capote is by far the best, which says a lot considering the other nominees. He seemed to immerse himself more into the role, going to great lengths to look and sound like the iconic author of “In Cold Blood” who investigates the murder of a family, and gets too involved with the accused killers. Plus, Hoffman is long overdue for an Oscar and is one of the best character actors working today.

JK: Joaquin Phoenix – The award for best actor is going to come down to who portrayed a real life person better: Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash or Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote. The personal favorite is Joaquin Phoenix. Not only did he look, act and sound the part, but he brought a lot of depth and charisma to an enigmatic figure. Since “Walk the Line” was disappointedly overlooked for a best picture nomination, it will hopefully shine here in the acting categories.


JC: Charlize Theron – Based on the films I saw, I have to give an edge to Charlize Theron this year. She stars as the mine worker who stands up to the oppression from her male coworkers and stands for equal rights for herself and the rest of the female workers. It’s hard to say who will win for sure – both Reese Witherspoon and Felicity Huffman have both received widespread praise for their performances in “Walk the Line” and “Transamerica,” respectively.

JK: Reese Witherspoon – In addition to Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon will undoubtedly walk away with the Best Actress Oscar for her funny and sincere portrayal of June Carter Cash. While Keira Knightley (“Pride and Prejudice”) was a nice surprise nomination and Felicity Huffman’s nomination (“Transamerica”) was justly deserved, the other contenders in this category are just not as strong as Witherspoon, as she will walk away the winner here.


JC: Jake Gyllenhaal – In another award category that has multiple nominees who all deserve to win this year, Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is by far the most deserving. Starring as one of the two men in “Brokeback Mountain,” Gyllenhaal carries his emotions and a majority of the film, conveying them to the audience with words in the same way that Heath Ledger does with his silence.

JK: George Clooney – Supporting actor will go to George Clooney for his role in “Syriana.” He is also nominated for best director and original screenplay for “Good Night and Good Luck,” but he will not win those two due to the competition. However, Clooney has transformed from an actor to a full-fledged filmmaker and the Academy will honor him for it in the form of this Oscar.


JC: Rachel Weisz – In the weakest of the acting categories, Rachel Weisz is the strongest contender to win the award for her performance in “The Constant Gardener.” As the ill-fated activist who goes up against big-time drug companies, she shows a wide range of emotions and helps carry the first half of the film. The other nominees just seem to lack the amount of screen time to justify a win for any of them this year.

JK: Amy Adams – Amy Adams should take home the Oscar for best supporting actress for “June Bug.” In and of itself, the category is a weak one. Traditionally, the winner of this category has the quiet, stand-out performance. Adams has always been a fabulous actress, and her performance as the loving and naive wife, Ashley, who keeps the dysfunctional family together, is the kind of quiet role that will win out in the category.


JC: Ang Lee – The Taiwanese director returned in 2005, two years after the bomb that was “Hulk,” with one of the most acclaimed films of his distinguished career, “Brokeback Mountain.” Lee does an excellent job telling the story of two men who develop a life-long bond after spending a summer together herding sheep in the mountains of Wyoming. Brilliantly using the camera to tell the film’s story, Ang Lee was the best director this past year.

JK: Ang Lee – Ang Lee deserves the award for best director for “Brokeback Mountain.” Aside from winning the Director’s Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award, Lee cinematically compliments and adapts the original story with great feeling and depth. His choice of direction in this film erases 2003s “Hulk” and brings back the master who made “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Lee’s direction and artistic eye show that he deserves to with Best Director Award.


JC: “Crash” – The dialogue of this film is racially charged and thought-provoking as to the state of racial issues in this country. The film conveys its message through multiple intertwining story lines, all of which involve people dealing with their racial stereotypes and coming to terms with them. This is meant to show that despite our different races and ethnicities, we all live together and racism affects us all negatively. Moresco tells this story brilliantly and should take home an Oscar as a result.

JK: “Crash” – Original screenplay will honor “Crash.” Normally, it is very difficult to juggle the type of complex character-driven story that is woven in “Crash”. Following multiple characters and scenarios, the writers bring to life the real life issues that are still facing society today in coherent terms that generally lack in multiple story lines. While the other nominees in this category are certainly deserving of their nomination, “Crash” is the type of intelligent drama that does and should win.

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