Howard’s hosts CD party

You say you want a revolution? The Press Gang does. And they are out to change the world, one political savvy listener at a time.

The Press Gang will host their debut record release show at Howard’s Club H tomorrow with special guests Stylex, Your Highness Electric, Building Kites and Michael Edwards.

The Press Gang consists of five members; Corey Baum, front man; Blaine Fridrick, bassist; Nicholas Andersen, drums; Mike Edwards, keyboard and tambourine; and Ben Lucas, guitar and saxophone. The band contrived of members from the Modern Soviet Enemies, Bullet Teeth and Roboshogun and has been playing together since August.

“We are incredibly proud of what we’ve done and the record is everything we wanted it to be,” Fridrick said. “We worked really hard every weekend while in we are still in school and have jobs and other obligations. But we want to share this with the community.”

“We’ve played to some crowds that aren’t necessarily in our peer group and it was really interesting to see that they had a positive response about our shows,” Baum said. “We take pride in what we do and sweat a lot because our shows are really high energy.”

The band fuses together a love for pure musicianship and politics and creates a sound that cannot be summed up into a genre, even though Baum jokingly refers to it as “The sound of the summer.”

However, the rest of the band begged to differ.

“It sounds like the Midwest,” Fridrick said. “Like five Midwest kids who are pissed off. We span a lot of genres but often get the ‘post hardcore’ tag, which doesn’t fit us at all.”

A tag that does fit the band, however, is hard working. The Press Gang mixed, mastered and recorded everything by themselves, a process they described as painstakingly rewarding.

“Recording is tedious. It brings out the worst in everyone,” Andersen said. “However, we got to record for free so we did it on our own time, which was a little easier. What’s awesome about it though is that because we did it ourselves, it’s not such a manufactured sound.”

The media also had an influence on the band’s name, according to Baum.

“The Press Gang is a term for action,” Baum said. “It means the people who are the first to fight and make an impact.”

And an impact is what The Press Gang is hoping to make with their CD release party on Saturday.

Stylex, a Bowling Green local favorite for more than seven years, is also looking forward to Saturday’s show.

“The Press Gang are great, and full of great dudes,” said Dustin Hostetler of Stylex. “They have been very supportive of us, and it’s the least we can do. Also, we are just stoked to play Howard’s. We have the most fun there.”

Stylex will also be promoting their new CD, which will be coming out soon and have just started a record label named Pretend Records, according to Hostetler.

Howard’s doors will open at 9:45 p.m. and the price to get in will be $5. The Press Gang will be selling their new album for $5.

More information about The Press Gang can be found at their Web site,

Both bands encourage students to come out and support local music.

“There are a lot of local bands here that go unnoticed,” Fridrick said. “I challenge anyone to find a college town this size that has so many good bands. I also challenge people to come out and listen to us. You won’t be disappointed.”