Honors fee requirements inaccurate

As president of an organization closely affiliated with the Honors Program, I was aghast to read such flawed information as was contained in the staff editorial, published by the BG News on Feb. 28.

In the article concerning Honors Program requirements and fees, only half of the information was presented, and any correct information was presented out of context.

The author of the editorial seemed unable to differentiate between the Honors Program and the Honors Living Learning Community. Though they are intertwined, they are two separate entities and should be represented as such.

There is no cost to be an Honors student, and classes, the Honors Space, academic advising and priority registration are free benefits to all Honors students. The living learning fee is a requirement only to those who choose to live in Honors housing. This $150 fee is not sunk into general expenses, but is channeled directly back to the students in the form of overnight trips, day trips and cultural activities meant to enrich and challenge the student.

Scholarships for the $150 are available to returning Program members this year only, not to lure members away from Kreischer-Darrow, but rather in an effort to keep the requirements for current Honors members unchanged.

The reasoning is that current students were not able to factor this fee into their decision to live in the living-learning community. Any new students to the program will be able to factor this additional cost into their housing decisions.

Anyone with questions is free to contact me at the e-mail below, although the Honors Program (honor[email protected]) will be better able to provide an accurate response.

Anna Glett President of Honors Student Association

[email protected]