No. 12 seed BG to face UCLA

The BGSU women’s basketball team won’t be traveling anywhere warm for the NCAA tournament, but the players and coaches couldn’t be happier.

The Falcons (28-2) earned the No. 12 seed and will play fifth-seeded UCLA (20-10) at 2 p.m. Sunday in West Lafayette, Ind. The tournament will be a virtual homecoming for Liz Honegger who is from neighboring Lafayette.

“It took a second for it to set in, but then I read West Lafayette up there and then you know of course the only thing I’m thinking is that I’m going home,” Honegger said. “It’s going to be a great time, and I just can’t wait to get there.”

The team didn’t have to sit in suspense for long, as they were the third match-up announced by ESPN last night. BG coach Curt Miller said the 12 seed was about what he expected, despite the team’s recent climb to No. 21 in the USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll.

“I was excited, especially about the location,” Miller said. “Our fans have been tremendous, what a following to Cleveland, now we have a bus trip to West Lafayette. It couldn’t be better.”

The Falcons secured their bid into the tournament by winning the Mid-American Conference championship in dominating fashion in Cleveland this weekend. BG held its opponents to an average of 48.7 points per game and won the title game against Kent State by 25.

Last year the team lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament to Kansas State by 10 points. But this year the Falcons will bring less nerves and more confidence with them to Indiana.

“Being down two with eight minutes to go [to Kansas State] and not being able to pull it off, that leaves a little bit of a sting,” said sophomore point guard Kate Achter. “And going through the season losing only two games, one to Kentucky who got a five seed, knowing we were that close, we’re definitely very confident going into the tournament.”

After having a little rest after the MAC tournament the always scout-heavy Falcons will get back to work this week preparing for the Bruins.

“We’re on the phones all night with anyone who can help us with tapes,” Miller said.