Questions answered about the health plan

For the first time this semester and three weeks after the final decision was made on BGSU’s mandatory health insurance policy, Director of Student Health Glen Egelman fielded questions from USG senators about the new health insurance plan.

Last year, Egelman spoke to USG about the decision to institute a health plan that would be mandatory. Now he is helping clarify the details of the plan which was made mandatory by the Board of Trustees on March 3.

He clarified that the policy included a waiver option for students with extenuating circumstances and that financial aid would work with some students on an individual basis if they can’t afford the plan. Information on the plan will appear on the MyBGSU Web site soon and literature will be sent through the mail, Egelman said.

During his required USG appearance this year, President Sidney Ribeau also heard from USG about the health insurance plan. While Ribeau said he was not involved in choosing the University’s insurance, Ribeau acknowledged that it may not be the best policy.

“I don’t know whether this plan is a Rolls-Royce or a Chevy,” he said.

He said that only time could tell what changes need to be made to the existing policy.

Some USG senators like Nikki Messmore are trying to change a different policy before it exists at all. Messmore drafted a letter which expressed a severe disapproval of the University’s proposed travel policy. The policy would require any student organization that sends a group on a trip to also send a faculty advisor.

Messmore outlined four specific reasons for opposing the travel policy. Mainly, that sending a chaperone on student trips is “hand-holding.”

“We are adults, we can take care of ourselves,” she said.

Dan Stypa, the director of community service for the Student Alumni Connection, came to the meeting to tell USG about how the policy would impact SAC.

“This would really hurt us,” he said.

He added that forcing an advisor to go on the community service trips would take the leadership role away from students.

Wanda Overland, associate vice president of Student Affairs, recommended that before they approve any letter or legislation on the travel policy, a committee be formed to discuss the issue since nothing has been finalized.

As for the future, the candidates for the 2006-2007 USG presidential elections have been announced and the candidates will make their first public statements during debates in the coming weeks.

USG Race Heats Up

Candidate for USP President and Vice President: Bernard Little and Kristen Kulbis James Wasil and Chelci Howard Pedro Machado and Andrew Wuebold

Vice Presidential Debate: March 29, 113 Olscamp, 7:30 p.m.

Presidential Debate: April 5, 113 Olscamp, 7:30 p.m.

Debates are open to the public, and a recording of the debates will be on USG’s Web site.