Need based waiver should be instituted

I suppose The BG News wants to take back its comments that the Bowling Green student body began protesting aspects of the student health insurance coverage too late?

According to its opinion section on March 29, a call to political action is needed. I guess The BG News does not mind eating its words.

I guess, additionally, a need based waiver is similarly “on the table” as far as debate is concerned.

Why hasn’t The BG News reported on a need based waiver or the absolute refusal by those forming the plan to include one for the needy on Bowing Green’s campus?

This is in direct contradiction by calls of some members of the Undergraduate Student Government to remember the poor.

What about the fact that uninsured students could see a doctor at the Student Health Center for only $10 before the plan, who now must pay $1500 a semester plus a $20 co-pay each visit?

That is like paying for 150 visits in advance then having to pay double the per visit fee!

Is anyone really that sick or that rich?

What about the fact that those students who get free health insurance from their parents’ job get the benefit of the new higher “cost of attendance” number for financial aid calculation – thus avoiding the cost of insurance and gaining the benefit of evenmore financial aid?

The “haves” on this campus get to avoid paying for the insurance while gaining the benefit of an increased cost of attendance.

Anyone else want to double dip the financial aid system?

But then again, until this comes to a head, The BG News can refuse to print this article, criticize the student body, or have its own opinion editors write articles about cliched matters that have nothing pertinent to do with the Bowling Green community.

Matthew Fried


[email protected]