Athletes are victims of the entire system

Steve Brocone and Steve Brocone

Let me begin by stating I am writing this response more because I am a civil libertarian than a BGSU football fan.

On Friday, March 24, the BG News reported that two BGSU football players had been cited with drug possession a week prior. Both students were caught in the act of smoking marijuana.

According to the article, both will be subject to fines and probable drug counseling through the Wellness Connection.

In addition, there has been a recent push by the state legislature to cut off the financial aid of offending “drug users” who have the misfortune of getting caught by the police.

The “crime” that was committed was a victimless crime and these students were doing little harm to themselves and weren’t caught with enough pot to constitute a suspicion of drug dealing.

Now the two aspiring football players are the victims of the police, the University and the education system as a whole, as they may not play next year.

One wonders whether there would have been any mention outside of the police blotter if instead of getting high, the students were caught under the influence of alcohol.

The system, including the police, are perpetuating the stigma of the lazy stoner by reducing these students’ chances of a successful collegiate and athletic career by making them jump through bureaucratic hoops.

It just seems like a bit much to completely defame one’s career just for smoking some pot.

I suppose all we can do is hope that the drug counseling will help them steer clear of the horrible, dangerous and munchie-inducing marijuana that plagues our society.


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