Dismiss Rove’s Republican ranting

I have a lot of friends among local Republicans and although I differ on political philosophy, I generally think they are honest, decent people.

And so I have no idea why in the world local Republicans would want to associate themselves with “Bush’s Brain” and key political strategist for the president, Karl Rove.

This guy is responsible for much of the worst politics in the last five years. This guy is the epitome of the philosophy of “whatever it takes to win” attack politics that has so corrupted our political system.

For example, he masterminded television ads linking honorable Democratic senators with Osama Bin Laden in campaign commercials, insinuating that if you have political differences with this administration you are equivalent to a terrorist.

And let’s face it, he may be a mastermind of winning elections but his team has done a terrible job running the country, leading us down a disastrous route of financial insolvency and chaos in foreign affairs. I hope my friends among local Republicans send a message to Karl Rove and his brand of gutter politics and stay home when he comes to Bowling Green.

Your party is in a mess in Ohio and the nation. You do not need people like Karl Rove calling the shots. Send a message to your party: stay home when Karl Rove comes to town.

Mike Zickar Associate Professor

[email protected]