Wheeler unfairly bashes ACLU

Leigh Ann Wheeler was recently granted two fellowships to research the connection between the American Civil Liberties Union and sexuality in America.

Wheeler claims that the ACLU has “contributed to the erosion of critical perspectives on pornography.”

But we at The BG News feels that it’s possible to have criticism without censorship – in fact it’s very important.

Pornography has emerged as a major issue in this generation mainly because of the gradual acceptance of sexuality, visible in all aspects of society from the fashions of ultra-short skirts to the lyrics of popular music.

Wheeler blurs the line between a loss of “critical perspectives” and the simple acceptance of pornography as a form of expression.

Criticism is also a form of free speech actively protected by the ACLU. The field is wide open for any person to voice their concerns about the porn industry. Activism is a better way to have changes made in society than censorship.

While many feel the ACLU is wrong to include “obscenities” under the First Amendment, it’s time to reconsider what falls under the category of obscene.

Technically it’s still illegal in some states for a man to swear in the presence of women and children. If this law were enforced, half of all college students could probably be arrested.

The problem in this case is that Wheeler is failing to distinguish between our public and private lives. The ACLU is not suggesting that we put up billboards along I-75 depicting porn because it’s our right.

They are defending the rights of individuals to seek out or create pornography. Any private disagreements about having it in the home should be dealt with in just that setting: the privacy of the home.

These people are consenting adults who have every right to make decisions about what they do and what they see as long as they are not harming anyone. The ACLU is just making it possible for them to do so.

Many claim that pornography leads to sexism and violence against women, but it’s unfair to single out porn as the cause when that war has been waged against all forms of media, from music, to television, to video games.

Pornography comes with the same necessary and legal disclaimer, warning viewers of the content and age restrictions.

Wheeler should continue to criticise and debate about the societal value of pornography, but condemning the ACLU for it’s defense of porn is hypocritical.