A Taste of Metal

Metal and Hardcore music fans flocked to see the Taste of Chaos tour on Thursday, in which the Deftones, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu and other bands performed in the Toledo Sports Arena.

“This is a smaller venue than we’re used to,” said As I Lay Dying’s tour manager Kevin Puig of the Toledo Sports Arena. “But it was a sweet show.”

It was unusual to see such powerful bands, like As I Lay Dying, in the Toledo Sports Arena, which is small in comparison to other arenas. The close proximity of the stage made the concert a more intimate experience.

All of the performances on Thursday night were lively and quick. Fans at the Taste of Chaos tour were jumping into the air and screaming at the top of their lungs. The audience mostly consisted of high school students and young adults.

Some bands, such as Story of the Year, whose music isn’t well crafted, were still genuine and fun. All of the bands shared one thing in common-a unique presentation delivered with energy and without pretentiousness.

Organizers of the Taste of Chaos tour delivered a well crafted show that was free of technical problems or any sort of difficulties.

There was no standing around time between bands because when one band would finish on the main stage, the next band would be ready to quickly follow on a side stage.

The tour is over next month, but Phil Sgrosso of As I Lay Dying takes one show at a time.

“Last night’s show was kind of a bummer,” said Sgrosso of the previous night’s concert in Cleveland. “Toledo is a step up.”

The tour offered high energy rock and roll that started when the doors opened and didn’t end until the Deftones left the stage. The venue provided a unique atmosphere in which fans could experience powerful rock in a miniature arena.

The tour, which began in February, has made stops throughout the country and will end in Montreal, Canada on April 15th.