New legislation makes kids’ well-being a priority

Currently, Ohio is one of nine states to allow adoption by gay couples. Legislation recently introduced into the Ohio State House looks to change that. House Bill 515 seeks to prohibit an adoptive or foster child from being placed with homosexual, bisexual or transgender persons.

It is good to see that some legislators are brushing political correctness aside and thinking of the children.

Quite frankly, I’ve never understood why gays are so keen on adoption, it seems to me that child rearing would be one of the things you decide to give up when you commit yourself to a lifestyle biologically opposed to any possibility of reproduction.

According to the Bible, homosexuality is a sin.

But according to the Bible, almost everything’s a sin, so let’s ignore the Bible, Torah, Koran, Silmarillion or whatever holy book you happen to adhere to.

Even if you take the hellfire and brimstone out of homosexuality it’s hard to make the argument that it’s natural.

Sex, though enjoyable as a recreational activity, is intended for reproduction.

There are two sexes, male and female, and both are required for this intended outcome.

If the intended outcome is impossible, the act is unnatural.

An infertile person engaging in heterosexual sex is normal because the abnormality (infertility) is what makes the intended outcome impossible, not the nature of the act itself.

Even if one could successfully argue that homosexuality is natural, arguing that homosexual parenting is natural is an exercise in futility for the previously mentioned reasons, simply being that it can’t occur naturally.

Of course what is or is not natural is of little concern to the gay activists pushing their agenda. It is a common misconception that no studies have ever been done on the effects of children raised by gay parents.

The fact is that several of these studies have been done.

The most commonly cited, studies that reach the politically correct conclusion that children raised in homosexual homes show no distinct differences from children raised by heterosexuals, have been found to be flawed in several respects, including inadequate sample sizes, unrepresentative non-random sampling, unclear hypotheses and the relatively young ages of the children involved.

Other studies suggesting that children raised with gay parents are more likely to suffer issues with gender confusion and are more likely to engage in sexual experimentation and homosexual behavior as well as studies citing the importance of the gender differences of a mother and father in child rearing are for the most part ignored.

Admittedly none of these studies focus on gay adoption, only children raised by gay biological parents, and unfortunately most of the information available on this subject is either provided by gay activists or religious groups, both of which have their own obvious agendas.

No matter what your view on homosexuality I think everyone can agree that the child is what matters.

A child’s life is far too important to be put on the line in a social experiment.

Considering that most of what is known about gay parenting is based on inconclusive, conflicting, evidence from obviously biased sources, I see no reason why we should work against the natural family unit that has existed and worked for thousands of years.

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