No coach, no problem for club lacrosse team; to open season Sunday

Adrienne Borgstahl, a sophomore, is excited to see how the women’s club lacrosse team will do against two big rivals this Sunday not only because she’s a part of the team but also because she’s the coach.

The team will face Kent State University and the University of Toledo lacrosse teams this weekend led by Borgstahl who was chosen to organize and run the team.

“There are 24 players this year and everyone puts in a lot of input for when practices are and what we need to work on,” Borgstahl said. The team needs at least 12 people to play in a game.

“I have a really good background on lacrosse because I played for four years in high school at St. Ursula in Toledo,” Borgstahl added. “I had a really good coach there that taught me a lot.”

Megan Yodzis, her fellow teammate, is experiencing her first year with the club team and she is getting used to the fact that there is no real head coach.

“The whole no coach thing is really different,” Yodzis said. “I didn’t like it at first because I was set in a way where we had strict practices. I think that it’s just more laid back rather than a hard-core varsity sport.”

Even though the team is more lenient with practices than varsity sports, they are dedicated to their team. They are ready for a season filled with tough competition and although they might not practice on a set schedule all the time, Yodzis said they’ll be prepared to play teams like UT and OSU.

The team, however, has practiced every day this week to prepare for their two games this weekend. Borgstahl and Yodzis look forward to playing both schools.

“I’m excited to play UT. We beat them last year and so I’m just excited to see what happens this year,” Borgstahl said. “We’ve never played Kent before. I’m interested in seeing how good of a team they have.”

The team was scheduled to play Kent last year but the game was snowed out.

Last season, the University’s lacrosse team had its best record ever but Borgstahl hopes this season will be just as good, if not better.

“We have a talented team this year and I’m excited to see how we will do this season,” Borgstahl said.

There will be three games Sunday as BG hosts KSU and UT. The games are set to begin with BG vs. KSU at noon.