Taste of Chaos tour

The Glass City experienced a “Taste of Chaos” last night in the Toledo Sports Arena.

Geared toward metal and hardcore music fans, the “Taste of Chaos” tour features many musical acts including the Deftones, Story of the Year, Atreyu, Funeral For A Friend, Thrice and As I Lay Dying.

Phil Sgrosso, guitarist for the metal band As I Laying Dying, said he was excited about “Taste of Chaos.”

“It’s mostly for the kids,” Sgrosso said of performing on tour. “When kids are going crazy and singing along to our songs, that kind of pumps us up to keep the energy going.”

As I Lay Dying was formed in 2001. Sgrosso, who replaced original guitarist Evan White, defines their sound as being aggressive metal.

“My dad is the main reason I’m into music,” Sgrosso said. “He kind of forced me into it when I was 10.”

In addition to his father, Sgrosso cites bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica as his major influences. Without these bands, Sgrosso said something like the “Taste of Chaos” tour would not exist.

Sean Parmelee, a sophomore at the University, saw As I Lay Dying during the “Taste of Chaos” tour on Saturday in Detroit.

“All of the bands had terrific energy, especially the Deftones,” Parmelee said. “It was a good show, but I don’t like the band Thrice.”

“Taste of Chaos” organizers have invited many bands to perform, and they all fit under the metal and hardcore genre. Like many concerts, the audience consists of young adults.

“The audience mainly consisted of high school and college-aged kids,” Parmelee said. “There were actually a lot of their parents there too. Also, PETA was there, which was kind of weird.”

Sgrosso said his band is enjoying the tour.

“It’s always good to make new friends on tour,” Sgrosso said. “You hear a certain band’s music, and when you go on tour with them, you find out that they’re awesome people.”

A typical day on tour, Sgrosso said, involves waking up around 3 p.m., performing at 6 p.m., watching other bands perform and “hanging out” until 5 a.m. Sgrosso and the other bands also keep busy with the videogame “Guitar Hero,” in which the player simulates being a rock star.

Bands usually complain about how life on the road can be “grueling.” After finding out how laid back Sgrosso’s schedule is, it’s hard to take those bands seriously.

As I Lay Dying has one more month of the “Taste of Chaos” tour, and will be recording a new album early next year. After the tour is over, As I Lay Dying will be heading to Japan, Hawaii and Australia.

“For now, we’re focused on finishing the tour for another month,” Sgrosso said.

This year’s “Taste of Chaos” tour kicked off on Feb. 16 in San Diego, Calif. The tour will come to an end on April 14, in Montreal, Canada.