It’s March Madness time, yeah baby!

It’s about that time.

Time for March Madness.

Time to camp out in front of the TV for hours before glancing at the clock to realize it’s 6 p.m. and you’re still wearing your pajamas.

Time to ignore girlfriends, work, funerals and personal hygiene.

Time to justify skipping a class – sometimes more – because a team called the Salukis is about to pull the biggest upset of the tournament so far.

Time to wonder what the hell a saluki is.

Time to participate in the fourth annual BG News NCAA tournament pick ’em contest. The rules are simple: A correctly picked game in the first round will get you a point, followed by two points in the second round, four in the third round, etc… Choosing the correct winner will get you 32 points and something to write home about. In the event of a tie, those in contention will be contacted prior to the championship game to make a guess at the combined score of the teams.

It’s difficult to take the play-in game seriously, so don’t bother picking it – unless you want to add some colorful commentary about how bad Hampton is. Just turn in your completed bracket to the BG News, 210 West Hall, by 2 p.m. Thursday.