Letters to the editor

Hard work will solve fears of termination

The past few weeks of watching the labor marches in France have shown to me what exactly their downfall is. Their weakness is that the many people in France have confused what rights and privileges are, primarily concerning employment.

I have heard the argument that the college students are marching for equal rights in the workplace and I cannot understand how or why they are being defended here. The workers rights here in America are not as “worker friendly/supportive” as they are in France, yet we have a lower unemployment rate among college graduates and the best economy in the world. Some of you may ask what can the French students do to help fix this problem and not have to worry about being fired. The best solution to keep from getting fired is one many of us here know, and the answer is two simple words: work hard. Common sense would dictate that if you work hard, you will not get fired and this belief has made many other country’s economies more competitive. Restrictive labor laws and shorter work weeks do not help a country’s economy to grow; they simply encourage and reinforce the belief that employment is a right, when in reality it is a privilege.

In regards to Elizabeth Schreffler’s response that Josh Benner’s article was a “xenophobic and illogical argument” I have to ask her are not the arguments put forth by the French students about a law they do not completely understand xenophobic and illogical as well? These marches are not “acts of passion” as some have put it; they are simply the cries of the slackers who do not wish to face the idea that they may have to work hard in order to keep their jobs.

sean martin underGRADUATE STUDENT [email protected]