Students compete at Powerlifting Nationals

The five BGSU students that competed last weekend in the USA Powerlifting Nationals represented the University well.

Joey Butcher, John Suschak, Dustin Smith, Tom Szorady and Jeremy Hartman all made an impact last weekend.

Joey Butcher, 20, who competed in the 132 weight class, had an inspirational day. Butcher, in his second meet ever, finished in a tie for second place, but ended up third because of a bodyweight tiebreaker. Joey’s determination should make him a contender next year to make the U.S world team. Joey’s final numbers were: 358 lbs. squat, 275 lbs. bench and 451lbs. deadlift.

John Suschak, 18, who competed in the 198 weight class, struggled on the bench press, but finished well with the other lifts. John’s final numbers were: 484 lbs. squat and 534 lbs. deadlift.

Dustin Smith, 19, who competed in the 242 weight class in his first national meet ever, took 4th place overall. Dustin’s final numbers were: 639 lbs. squat, 375 lbs. bench and 501 lbs. deadlift.

Tom Szorady, 21, who competed in the 242 weight class, just missed a 5th place medal. In Tom’s third meet ever, he showed the promise of a national champ and has lot of potential to do some damage in the years to come. Tom’s final numbers were: 534 lbs. squat, 391 lbs. bench and 534 lbs. deadlift.

Jeremy Hartman, 23, who competed in the 220 weight class, took another 1st place finish and became a five time National Champion. This was Jeremy’s final collegiate meet; he will now compete in the men’s division. To round out Jeremy’s amazing career as a collegiate powerlifter, Jeremy wants to bring the world title back home to Bowling Green. Jeremy will represent the United States against the world’s best powerlifters at the World Championships. Jeremy’s final numbers were: 710 lbs. squat, winning a Collegiate National Record, 490 lbs bench, 722 lbs. deadlift and 1,923 lbs. total for a Collegiate National Record.