New bar opens on Wooster

The sounds of clinking glasses, jukebox tunes, darts whipping through the air and a pool cue sinking the eight ball intermingle with each other at a new joint in town.

This place, called End Zone Bar, is attached to Quality Inn and gets its name because it is located across from the BG stadium on Wooster St.

“We’re on this side of campus ” trying to get some people to come this way,” said bar owner Jon Berninger, who graduated from BG last year and opened his bar about two weeks ago.

“Our main business is the college and locals but we are attached to a hotel so we get some guests on occasion as well,” Berninger said, who is hoping to get more people from the University to stop by.

The bar has essentially three rooms that are attached to each other. One has the bar and some tables, the other has more seating and two pool tables and the third has a corner stage with a big screen TV, which is also used for live bands, and a dance floor.

The elements that give this bar a unique feeling and set it apart from its competitors, Berninger said, are that it has eight TV’s, a DJ that “caters to the audience,” a jukebox, games – like pinball, pool and darts – and a dance floor.

Trying to satisfy a variety of people with different interests and music preferences is one of Berninger’s main goals.

“Our DJ’s play to the crowd and see what they want to hear and play,” he said, adding that they play everything from hip hop and classic rock to country music.

“We’re going to add a country night after our grand opening,” Berninger said, adding that he’s really trying to focus on catering to the University and that birthdays, fraternity and sorority parties, with servers walking around, are some of the bonuses they offer.

The DJ plays on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and “plays what people want.” Berninger also mentioned that he will have some live bands play at least once or twice a month.

“We don’t stick to one single format,” he said. “We cater to who is here.”

Another element Berninger is proud of, which he said the downtown bars don’t have enough of, is parking.

“Downtown, you have to park and walk,” Berninger said. “We have plenty of parking ” right outside the door.”

And because of the prime location, football season is one thing the staff of End Zone Bar is looking forward to.

“We’re going to be doing specials during the football season,” Berninger said, who also mentioned that they have some good specials now and that their drinks are very affordable.

One group that has benefited from the location of this bar are the coaches on campus, Berninger said.

“It’s on their way home ” they can stop and have a drink,” he added.

The head bartender at End Zone enjoys the feel of the place, the employees she works with and the people she meets.

“You just get to meet so many different people,” said bartender Alicia Lueke, a junior at Owens Community College.

Lueke likes the fact that the customers are very interested in giving them new ideas and creative ways to do things at the bar.

“Everyone has a lot of ideas that they’re giving us right now ” so it’s really cool,” she said. “Our guests have been extremely inventive with different ideas and different drinks.”

The place’s cleanliness is also something that Lueke said her customers have commented on.

“We like to hear that they enjoy coming here because it’s a nice environment,” she said, adding that she enjoys the slow days with the older customers as well as the packed nights with the students.

“I like the slow nights because you get to sit and talk with the older age group ” and they have a lot to talk about,” Lueke said. “It’s nice hearing the stories they have to tell.”

Lueke said she gets a good feeling when she sees everyone having a good time on the packed nights as well.

“You get to see everybody having fun and you know you had a part in making them have fun,” she said.

One customer who enjoys the bar is Bowling Green resident Matt Denman – a University alumni – and his friends.

“We like the laid-back atmosphere and it’s just a good time,” Denman said. “We like supporting our fellow alumni and our local businesses.”

Denman likes the mixture of music offered and the array of selections on the jukebox.

“They play a variety of music and they stocked the jukebox with everything I requested,” he said.

Denman plays pool as well as pinball and enjoys the assortment of pastimes available.

“It’s kind of an all-in-one package here, which is another big bonus,” he said.

End Zone’s Hours: Monday: 5 pm – 11 pm Tuesday: 5 pm – 11pm Wednesday: 5 pm – 11pm Thursday: 5 pm – 2 am Friday: 5 pm – 2 am Saturday: 5 pm – 2 am Sundays: Closed